Walking Cane


FOLDING CANE Prod. Code : TD 1 N 70 Weight : 340 gms





  • The cane is made-up of quality Aluminium Alloy Tubing.
  • Each link is beautifully engineered to give flared and tapered ends, resulting in a rigid Cane while in use
  • .
  • The Cane therefore gives excellent feel of the surrounding area.
  • It can be easily opened or folded as required.
  • The Cane sturdy and long lasting.
  • Cane is powder coated to ensure scratch proof surface.



Special Features :


  •  Fabricated from 12.7 mm dia Special Aluminium Alloy Tube having thickness of 1.2 mm. This makes the Cane sturdy.
  • Flaring and Tapering of links is done, using special machine to ensure excellent fit and interchangebility. This makes the Cane rigid while in use and transmits the feel accurately.Folding cane
  • The tip end is moulded from Nylon and shaped scientifically to ensure accurate transmission of the heel.
  • The elastic used has been specially developed for longer life without causing any permanent set.
  • The hand grip moulded from natural rubber of non-marking quality has been designed to give grip to the user.
  • The Cane links are powder coated to give excellent proof surface finish.
  • A small elastic loop provided at the top does not permit the Cane to fall-off during use. The loop can also be used to tie the links together when folded.
  • The Cane has five links. The links can be reduced in number to meet the individual requirement.