Braille Slate

BRAILLE SLATE TYPE A 355 mm X 245 mm (Product Code : TD 0 S 03)




Precision designed, Braille Slate made from ABS plastic material.


  1. Has two line writing frame with equispaced Six-Dots Braille Cells.
  2. The stylus has a perfect hemispheric indenting pin with a comfortable and beautifully contoured grip to give clear impression of Dots on the paper.
  3. Paper Clamp has easy provision for inter-line writing. Central lock provided to hold the paper in position.
  4. The board has provision for 9 sets of holes to allow writing of 18 lines.



Special Features :

  1. Light in weight (650 Gms.)
  2. Use of ABS plastic makes the Braille Slate weather resistant.
  3. Can be easily wiped clean.
  4. Unbreakable.
  5. Prescision moulded components allow interchangeability and easy replacement of parts.
  6. The moulding dies for the parts used in Braille Slate have been made using high precision machines, like jigboring and electric discharge machine to produce components with perfect dimensions.
  7. The Braille Slate is fitted with hard board at the back to provide additional stiffness and rigidity. This also helps the Visually Handicapped in writing even when there is no plain surface available to keep the Braille Slate.