Spinal Orthotics Braces for Neck & Back





  • Recommended for arthritic neck, cervical spondylosis, myesities and cervical neck injuries.




  • Made of soft polyfoam.
  • Covered with "skin coloured" stockinette.
  • Provides comfortable firm support without irritation or pressure point discomfort.
  • Sufficiently distractive to remind patient to be careful while still exerting resillient and compressive force.


Available in 3 Sizes :


  'W' 'C'
RU 5 C 97 (Small) 90 mm 300-350 mm
RU 5 C 98 (Medium) 105 mm 350-400 mm
RU 5 C 99 (Large) 120 mm 375-425 mm




The ASH Brace-a comfortable three-point anterior / hyperextension orthosis. The ASH Brace helps to maintain the desired position of the spine and is thus an extremely effective orthotic device for correcting spinal deformities. The ASH Brace is light, elegant, comfortable, adjustable and can be fitted on the spot.

Recommended for the following clinical indications:


  1. Low Back Pain
  2. Adlolescent Kyphosis
  3. Compression Fractures
  4. T.B. Spine, where there is no marked deformity
  5. Senile Osteoporosis.




Special Fetures:


  1. Effectively immobilizes the cervical spine.
  2. Valuable as a first-aid device, in transporting the patients from sites of accident without aggraveting the injury.
  3. Fully adjustable and facilitates proper fitting.
  4. Removal chin plate enables the patient to eat, wash and shave in a semi-immobilized position.

Available in two sizes:

Product Code No. Nomenclature
RU 0 A 01 Brace SOMI Size I
RU 0 A O2 Brace SOMI Size II






Used for head and neck traction in cases of :


  • Chronic, static or postural neck strain.
  • Cervical arthritis.
  • Cervical or trapezius myositis.
  • Radiculitis involving the arm or upper thorax.
  • Hernia of intervertebral Disc (Cervical).
  • Shoulder Pain or Discomfort, Frozent Shoulder.
  • Whiplash injury.
  • Painful conditions of Thoratic area due to static strain kyphosis, osteochondritis and disc syndromes.




  • Soft padded leather head halter is tailored and manufactured to meet exacting requirement of occipital and mandibular contours.
  • It allows the patient to be left for the required period with minimum supervision.
  • Can be used at patient's home, hospitals, and physiotherapy clinics.




Brace Milwaukee
Milwaukee Brace has come to be accepted as the most effective non-operative corrective treatment for scoliosis. The above pre-fabricated components which form a complete kit are slotted / predrilled and tapped for ease of fabrication. The throat mould and occipital cups are made from thermoplastic materials and can be further shaped to desired contours at the time of fitting. These kits are available in two different sizes as indicated below:


Product Code  No. Nomenclature
RU 2 B 01 Brace Milwaukee Kit Size I
RU 2 B O2 Brace Milwaukee Kit Size II


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