ALIMCO, a Government of India Enterprise is committed to its primary mission of manufacturing and providing appropriate Aids and Assistive Devices & rehabilitation services that meet the needs of PWDs and Senior citizens across the country.

Our significant achievements in the last few years have helped the organization to expand its activities across the country. A professional, highly skilled and motivated management of work force has been able to provide our strong presence in a highly competitive market of Rehabilitation industry.

Being an ISO – QMS & EMS accredited company, it is equally committed to quality and environment.  We are committed for the quality, reliability and high performance through highest standard of workmanship in whatever we do in line with the latest GMP requirement and technology.

Since Corporation is working in social sector to provide support to marginalized section of society-PwDs, it is always our endeavour to provide them best innovative products which make them independent and join mainstream of life. To fulfil this mission, we have modernized our plants, entered into Transfer of Technology Agreement with global players, opened new vertical of Servicing of products through Aasra Centres and RRCs across the country. Corporation had futuristic and ambitious plans to get into open market with new innovative products in collaboration with global players and innovators and aspire to become a global manufacturing hub in Assistive Technologies.

With all my love and pride in this organization, I must state that there is something which is bigger than the organization and that is our company and our people.

I am confident that the trust reposed in ALIMCO will go a long way for harvesting quality products and services in every form of your association with us.

All the best!

 Praveen Kumar

Chairman and Managing Director