Cervical Collar

•    Medium Size (with Hook) length: 500 mm
•    Additional Padding for additional support.
•    Polyurethane form : 5 m; Density 10-14 Kgs/m3; IS: 2078 (AW 10)
•    Reinforced Strip, Velcro Loop 50X150mm
•    High density foam with cotton stockinet provides effective immobilization, support, cushioning and comfort of the user
•    Thick round edges provides better immobilization, edge does not bite into skin or foam thus improving comfort of user and life of product
•    Long hook loop tape ensures perfect fitting and easy application
•    Rust proof eyelets further improves ventilation and comfort of user
•    Easy to use, Hypoallergenic(No rash/allergy),skin colour matching, good aesthetics, Light in weight, durable and long functional life

Intended Use:
Neck pain mainly due to Cervical Spondylosis in old age.