Public Information Officer

Name & Designation of Public Information Officer

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Name & Designation of Asst. Public Information Officer (link Officer)

Contact Details

Public Information Officer


Sh. Sanjay Singh

Dy. General Manager (Service)


+91 9452932539



Sh. Surendra Singh


Junior Manager (Marketing)

+91 9628011444


marketing_adipspl[at] alimco[dot]in

First Appellate Authority (FAA)


Sh. Vivek Dwivedi

Dy. General Manager (Production) & CVO




+91 9450123129


Vivek[dot]dwivedi[at] alimco[dot]in


Sh. Ravi Ranjan


Manager (Production)

+91 9044923024


Ravi[dot]ranjan[at] alimco[dot]in


Nodal officer under RTI


Sh. Ajay Chaudhary

(Marketing) (I/C) & Chief Marketing Officer

F: 0512-2770007


+91 8336935462







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