Towards creation of awareness, sensitization and welfare of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs)

Maintenance, upkeep and care of orthosis/caliper


  1. Ensure that suspension cuff/band is in good condition and metal joints are not loose before wearing the appliance.
  2. Joints of the caliper should be oiled at least once in a week.
  3. Keep the appliance and shoes neat and clean.
  4. Replace worn off shoe heels.
  5. In case of breakage of components of caliper/ orthosis get the same repaired or replaced immediately at nearest limb fitting centre DDRC/NI/ALIMCO.
  6. Growing children should be brought once every three months to adjust fitting.
  7. Avoid wetting of the appliance.
  8. When not in use, keep the appliance in a dry and safe place.
  9. Examine skin of your limb everyday for any undue pressure mark/ulceration due to orthosis and report it to your doctor/P&O.
  10. Check all the screws, nuts and bolts daily.

Maintenance, upkeep and care of prosthesis

  1. Artificial Hands The stump should be washed before going to bed with an antiseptic soap and warm water.
  2. Clean the inside of socket daily with mild soap and warm water.
  3. Stump socks should be washed daily.
  4. Avoid wrinkles in the stump socks while worn to avoid Artificial Hand ulceration of the skin.
  5. Before wearing the prosthesis, apply antifungal or antibacterial powder in the socket.
  6. Examine the stump daily for evidence of any part under pressure/Ulceration and report it to your doctor/P&O immediately.
  7. If there is swelling on the stump, it should be wrapped firmly with a crape bandage and if swelling persists report it to your doctor/P&O.
  8. Do stump exercises everyday.
  9. When not in use, keep the prosthesis in dry and safe place. Artificial Legs
  10. In case of breakage get the part of the prosthesis Artificial Legs repaired/ replace immediately at the nearest fitment centre / DDRC / NI / ALIMCO.
  11. Don’t use in case of diabetes, sensory impairment, skin infection / heart ailment etc. without consulting doctor/P&O.
  12. Don’t go to accident prone sites such as fire / risk / riot zone etc.

Maintenance, upkeep and care of wheel chair & tri-cycle

  1. Clean the movable parts of wheel chair and tri-wheeler regularly.
  2. Regular lubrication of axles and crossbars should be done.
  3. Clean thoroughly all leather and metal parts at regular intervals and mop them with clean cloth.
  4. At least once in a year, wheel bearing must be rechecked and greased.
  5. Whenever tyres and tubes are damaged they must be repaired/replaced immediately.
  6. Whenever any parts of Wheel chair/Tri-wheeler gets damaged/lost like bolt, nut etc. or if there are any mechanical difficulties, thorough check-up can be done at a nearby cycle repair shop.
TRI - Cycle

Maintenance, upkeep and care of hearing aid

  1. Keep it in cool, dry place.Hearing Aid
  2. Protect it from water and other liquid.
  3. Remove the cell, when the aid is not in use.
  4. Don’t leave the hearing aid near fire, stove, car or other vehicle and electrical appliances like Radio, TV etc.
  5. Keep the hearing aid away from dust, dirt, sun, rain, water, cosmetic powder, hair oil etc.
  6. Don’t twist or knot the cord.
  7. Make a proper pocket in the dress for safe keeping of hearing aid.
  8. Always switch off the hearing aid when not in use.
  9. The ear tip should be detached from the receiver and washed in soap water frequently to prevent wax formation.
  10. Always use a dry cloth to clean the hearing aid.