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S.No. Tender Number Brief Tender Description Publish DateOpening Date
1 MM-LT-11-AY Tender Notice for Bicycle Rubber Rim Tape (As per tender document) 08/07/2020 29/07/2020
2 MR-LS-OT-21-TC-AY Tender Notice for Tricycle Assembly (As per tender document) 08/07/2020 29/07/2020
3 MM-LT-10-AY Tender Notice for Oil (As per tender document) 02/07/2020 23/07/2020
4 MM-LT-09-AY Tender Notice for Bicycle Tyre Size: 20"x1⅜ (As per tender document) 02/07/2020 21/07/2020
5 SP-LT-01-AY Tender Notice for Supply Installation and Commissioning of Surveillance System at ALIMCO, Kanpur (As Per Tender Documents Enclosed) 03/07/2020 25/07/2020
6 MM-LT-07-AY Tender Notice for TD2P02003, TD2P02002 Tip, LG 84(Hand Grip Pvc Moudled id Fie 2.5 mm) - (As per drawing tender documents enclosed) 30/06/2020 22/07/2020
7 MM-LT-06-AY Tender Notice for Corrugated PVC Flexible Pipe(LK85,LK86) & Tie Bar (LK87)- (As per tender documents enclosed) 30/06/2020 20/07/2020
8 MM-LT-04-AY Tender Notice for AW96 (Grannulas Polypropylene natural Colour Commercial IS:7078)- (As per tender documents enclosed) 30/06/2020 17/07/2020
9 MM-LT-05-AY Tender Notice for AW90 (Grannules Polyamide (Nylon) IS: 7080 Type6)- (As per tender documents enclosed) 30/06/2020 17/07/2020
10 LT-AAPC-BBSR-03-AY Tender Notice for Engagement of Vehicle Bolero -without rear seat (As per tender documents enclosed) 30/06/2020 21/07/2020
11 MS/LT /01/AY Dubbing work of e-module film of 03 products in various Indian regional languages, As Per Details and Terms and Conditions mentioned in Tender document 29/06/2020 14/07/2020
12 MM-LT-03-AY Tender Notice for Soap Washing Bar (As per tender document) 24/06/2020 15/07/2020
13 PS8-LT-03-AY Tender Notice for he work of Job work of AMC of 14 nos. 50 LPH RO Make/Model – Kent /Elite (As per tender document) 23/06/2020 17/07/2020
14 AD-OT-001-AY Tender Notice for Manpower Supply agencies for providing manpower arrangements at Corporation and its other units (As per tender document) 23/06/2020 14/07/2020
15 AAPC-BGL-LT-17-AY Tender Notice for Commercial Caster Wheel Assy. 4 - As per tender document enclosed 16/06/2020 13/07/2020